• Cheap Parts Don’t Cut It and Warranties Matter

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    At Matt's Transmission in Murfreesboro, TN, we’re in the business of quality. Quality work, quality parts, and quality service keep a business going. Here is a quick rundown on why it’s important to install components that will perform reliably, and keep you taken care of in the event that they don’t.

  • Check Engine Light

    Check Engine Light

    Check Engine Lights

    Don't ignore what your vehicle is trying to tell you!

    Everyone is guilty of this time to time, some of which may have never checked their engine light for years! At Matt's Transmission in Murfreesboro, TN. we highly discourage neglecting your check engine lights. Having your sensors checked out will save you time and money in the long run. Don't put your vehicle at risk of major repairs, call Matt's Transmission today at (615) 603-7453 and we will quote you a price!

    Check engine lights and other dash lights are activated whenever a problem arises, and special equipment and technicians who know how to use them are necessary to diagnose the issue correctly. Our equipment is upgraded often and we have the experience on multiple brands and types of vehicles so we are often able to assist you faster than the dealership as a result which results in savings for you in both dollars and time. 

    When it comes to your safety on the road and keeping your car or truck running like new longer, the type of diagnostic equipment and the training of the technician using it is integral to your needs and safety which is why we spend the time and invest in having the diagnostic equipment we need to take care of our Murfreesboro, TN drivers here at Matt's Transmission. If you get behind the wheel and find a check engine light on or feel like something isn't working right on your car or truck, stop by and talk to our team of technicians where your warning light is simply your vehicle talking to us! Yes, it can be that easy! We look forward to earning your business here at Matt's Transmission.

    Check Engine Light Services

    • Repair faulty sensors
    • Replacing spark plugs & wires
    • Misfire
    • Malfunctioning Catalytic Convertor 
    • Speed sensors
    • Shift solenoids
    • Fuel delivery malfunction 
    • Loose or split hoses or caps
    • Governor sensors
    • Low transmission fluids
    • Transmission running too hot
    • Electrical issues 
    • Stored codes in the computer
    • Pressure control solenoid

  • Everything you need to know about transmission sensors!

    Diagnostic Tablet on engine transmission sensor

    Our Murfreesboro drivers have been experiencing issues with their transmissions and there are a few things that we here at Matt's Transmission feel are important to know so that you are more comfortable and confident if you are, indeed experiencing a transmission problem of any kind. First, if you drive a vehicle manufactured in the past few decades, there’s a good chance your transmission has a variety of sensors attached to it which monitors all kinds of things - fluid pressure, vehicle speed, temperature, air intake at the engine, and so on.  The first thing to check is your Transmission Sensor, which is a much more affordable fix than replacing your transmission!

  • Your Vehicle's Computer Collects MORE Data Than Your SMART PHONE!

    Your car data owned by manufacturers now

    Newer Vehicles Generate as Much As 25GB of Data/Hour according to McKinsey.  Now That is Extremely Interesting!  It is also daunting as we now need to know "what data" right?  You also want to know where it is going if anywhere and who owns the data?  All interesting questions that we never thought about.  Just get in and drive, choose a destination and if a light goes off in the dash you call us here at Matt's Transmission to schedule an appointment.   We want our Murfreesboro drivers to be informed as always and able to make their choices based on having facts.  This is a big change in the automotive-truck service industry and it really has not hit the news at all, so it is up to us to get you up-to-date and informed.  Here are the facts and where you can find more information!

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