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  • Ford 6F50 & 6F55 Transmission Replacement Options

    Matt's Transmission in Murfreesboro  is proud to announce the availability of the transmission replacement option through Jasper Engines & Transmissions for re-manufactured Ford 6F50 and 6F55 transmissions.

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    Transmission Services

    If your transmission fails in your car, truck, SUV, or fleet vehicle it definitely puts you at an inconvenience. At Matt's Transmission, we know you're busy and need to get back on the road as soon as possible which is why our team is ASE certified! With highly trained technicians, no transmission problem is too difficult and we are determined to get you back on the road. Here at Matt's Transmission we are also members of the ATSG and offer a 18-month / 18,000-mile warranty on every in-house transmission rebuild.  

    At Matt's Transmission in Murfreesboro, TN, transmissions are what we do. What matters most to us is quality service that will keep your car, truck, or SUV going strong. We offer a full range of transmission services, including but not limited to:

    • Transmission repair
    • Transmission rebuilding
    • Transmission replacement
    • Transmission leaks
    • Clutch repair
    • Transmission exchange
    • Transmission fluid change
    • Transmission flushing 
    • Cooler or radiator issues
    • Resealing
    • Filter changes
    • Diagnostics
    • Reprogramming
    • Regular transmission service

    Fluid Flushing

    Flushing your transmission at regularly scheduled intervals is essential to long transmission life. Changing the fluid in a transmission isn’t as simple as an oil change - the entire transmission, including the torque converter, must be flushed of dirty, old, or contaminated fluid, in order to be replaced with new fluid. This is achieved by draining the transmission, then pushing new fluid throughout the entire unit until only new fluid is left. We have the equipment necessary to completely flush transmissions and transmission coolers, ensuring your transmission is filled with fresh fluid and ready to go.


    Transmissions occasionally develop leaks. Due to high pressures and tight tolerances for sealing surfaces, leaks can sometimes be difficult to track down. Our resealing process includes identifying the leak, diagnosing the cause, and repairing the leak by replacing seals and gaskets, or disassembling to correct the problem.

    Filter Changes

    Your transmission filter keeps debris and contaminants from interfering with the operation of your transmission. If the filter becomes clogged, finely tuned fluid pressures will be affected - this will either cause the transmission to shift erratically or cause internal harm to various components. Changing the filter includes removing the transmission pan, replacing the filter, installing a new gasket, and refilling the transmission to manufacturer specifications.


    Modern transmissions rely on various sensors, solenoids, and other components, both inside and outside the transmission. Specialized equipment in the hands of trained technicians is used to diagnose and repair a transmission that is throwing malfunction codes, or not performing the way it should.


    On modern vehicles, it is often necessary to reprogram the transmission when certain work is performed on the vehicle, or components are replaced. If the transmission is not correctly programmed, the transmission may operate incorrectly or not at all, and damage may occur if the vehicle is driven without being programmed.

    Transmission Warning Signs:

    1. Leaking Fluid – If you notice a red puddle fluid underneath your car with a sweet smell, please let us know as soon as possible, we will check your transmission fluid levels.
    2. Burning Smell – Do you notice any smell of burning coming from your vehicle, stop by our shop immediately. This is a huge indication that your transmission is overheating or that the transmission fluid is old and burning.
    3. Refusal to Switch Gears – If your vehicle is struggling to switch gears, this may suggest an issue with transmission fluid either low or not the right kind.
    4. Neutral Noises – Does your vehicle make a sound that you’ve never heard before when your vehicle is idling in neutral? Abnormal sounds could mean that your car is ready for new transmission oil or that your parts need to be replaced due to mechanical wear.
    5. Slipping Gears – If your vehicle is slipping gears make sure to have us look at your vehicle immediately. This can make driving extremely dangerous.
    6. Dragging Clutch – If you have are attempting to shift gears and can’t because your clutch is still engaged and hear grinding noises this could imply a transmission issue.
    7. Check Engine Light – These lights on your vehicle can signify multiple issues if your check engine light is on stop by and we will run a diagnostic on your vehicle.
    8. Grinding / Shaking – Often if you feel your vehicle shaking or grinding when changing gear in an automatic vehicle this would be another indication of a transmission issue.
    9. Humming – If you hear any should of these three sounds, please stop by our shop. Humming, whining, or clunking, your vehicle should not make these sounds!
    10. Unresponsive – If your vehicle does not respond to changes in your gear – such as park to drive, stop by and see us. This issue is most likely your transmission!

    For all transmission servicing, only qualified professionals with the right equipment for the job should be trusted. Transmissions are complex pieces of equipment, and every vehicle has different needs and specifications. Transmission is key to having your vehicle operate and can get costly if neglected. Make sure to keep up with your routine maintenance and if you whiteness one of the warning signs above you bring your vehicle by Matt's Transmission! No matter your repair or maintenance needs, we’ve got you covered. For the best transmission service shop in Murfreesboro, TN, call or stop by Matt's Transmission today.

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